F500 National Transportation Company

Accelerated Integration of Two National Brands


One of the largest distribution networks in the country and a Fortune 500 company with more than 2 million customers in the US and Canada.


In 2007 the company initiated a major business transformation to combine its two largest brands, integrate transportation networks, and move back-office systems to a single application platform.

The two application platforms to be consolidated were based on very different legacy technologies with radical differences in the way the data was structured. It was necessary to create a platform to enable stakeholders from each business unit to be able to share a common view of the enterprise data that they could use to define a common set of business rules.

The initial timeline for the project was two years; however, deteriorating trading conditions and liquidity concerns stemming from the credit crunch in mid-2008 required that the project accelerate by six months.


The MDX platform reduced the number of hours estimated for the conversion by more than 40%.

MDX provided the efficiencies that enabled the company to meet the accelerated deadlines without compromising the integrity of the data or increasing operational risk.

MDX provided a neutral staging area for business data from both application suites that enabled stakeholders to develop a common view of key business data like Customer, Product, Route, Pricing Conditions, etc.

By using the MDX platform the IT teams from each side of the company did not have to spend any time developing a conversion process and could invest all of their extremely limited time working with the business analysts and business process teams.


Auto Parts Distributor

Master Data Transformation for SAP


A leading supplier of automotive replacement parts, fasteners, and service line products to the automotive aftermarket The company also provides household hardware and organization items to mass merchants.


In 2012 the company embarked upon the implementation of SAP to replace its core business systems. The company contracted with Gaine for the MDX Data Conversion Software as a Service to provide tools and technical assistance to identify data conversion issues and provide a process to help business users to validate the converted data.

The project team was particularly interested in a repeatable, documented process and supporting toolset to track the issue, resolutions, and resulting remediation tasks that are identified during integration testing of the SAP platform.

The company quickly realized the benefits of a centralized repository of the data conversion business rules, which would enable the use of automated testing to identify any inconsistencies and would provide the means to perform regression testing of the data conversion process.


The company achieved a successful go-live with zero data errors.

The MDX platform established an efficient, iterative testing process that accelerated the final stages of testing.

MDX enabled the business stakeholders to participate in the data validation in the weeks leading up to go-live — ensuring that there were no surprises.

By using MDX, the limited IT resources of the company were free to concentrate on the new application and not on the mechanics of data migration.


“Driven by evolving business priorities, our scope and timelines changed frequently, and sometimes radically. Without the Gaine MDX platform we would not have been able to absorb these changes and still achieve a successful result”
- CIO and Project Executive, National Transportation Company

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