Single View of Customer – Auto and Household


A regional insurer of home, auto, and commercial insurance.


The company had evolved over the past 30 years from just offering auto insurance to offering multiple product lines. Its systems were home-grown and partially outsourced. Other than several attempts to manually link its customers' various policies, the insurer had little more than a policy-centric view of its customer.

The company wanted to leverage its historic claims, policy, and billing data to maximize its understanding of its customers and to drive improvements in underwriting, customer service, and up-selling.

Gaine gathered existing files from the analytics environment and extracted the individuals, companies, locations, and other assets from these files. Gaine loaded this information in the MDX Insurance Hub in order to identify duplicate individuals, companies, and locations as well as relationships between these entities.


Gaine helped the company identify more than one million individuals that were involved in a policy as either a co-insured or an operator that had never been previously tracked as a “customer.” More than 20% of these parties were participating in at least one other policy, and a significant number of these were linked to multiple policies across different lines.

In addition, by combining historic data and data from multiple lines of business, the company was able to significantly increase the completeness of the customer data and resolve many data quality defects.

The benefits to the insurer include improved underwriting information, better customer service response, and more insightful marketing analytics.


National Commercial Property/Casualty Carrier

Agent Data Clean Up


A top national carrier of commercial property/casualty and professional liability insurance products.


The company was experiencing data quality challenges with its Agency data. More specifically, there was a great deal of duplication, poor attribution, and missing relationships in the company's CRM system. The data quality issues were inhibiting a number of key initiatives such as identifying underperforming agencies with growth potential and improving sales channel communications.

The company also wanted to extract as much value as possible from the Sircon system for insurance agent licensing and compliance. Even though a large number of agents enter data in Sircon, and the data is typically of dubious quality, Sircon can be used to identify a great deal of high-value contact information when combined with internal company data. 

The company implemented the MDX Hub from Gaine to link and integrate multiple internal systems to external data providers such as Dun & Bradstreet and Sircon.


Reduced the number of duplicate agent records within the CRM system.

Improved attribution, quality, and consistency of Agent data in CRM including augmentation from D&B and Sircon.

Improved the process whereby new Agents are created to ensure greater consistency.

Built relationships and hierarchies between their Agent records.

Established a data governance process to ensure the on-going quality of the agent data.


Penn National Insurance

Single-View-of-Customer Across Product Lines


Penn National Insurance is a leading property-casualty insurance carrier with more than 750 independent agents in nine states. The company is almost 100 years old and is one of the largest carriers in the United States based on net premiums written.


To facilitate a number of key initiatives, including enhanced workflows and the development of customer analytics, PNI wanted to leverage the extensive data in their legacy systems to link customers who possess multiple policies and/or quotes. To accomplish this, the company needed to match records that otherwise appeared to be separate entities due to some inconsistent and incomplete data. The goal was to establish and assign a unique customer level identifier for each specific customer.

PNI used Gaine’s MDX hub as well as Gaine’s subject matter expertise to support their objective. Through a collaborative process, Gaine helped the company move quickly to identify the missing relationships by developing a hierarchical set of rules which were applied to both active data and 7 years’ worth of historical data. With a 98% success rate, the rules accurately discerned both the records that should be matched and the records that should remain as individual entities. Only 2% of the records required human intervention for a final determination. Gaine’s user interface or ‘console’ greatly increased the efficiency of the decision making required to finalize the last 2%. The result is that the company now has a complete view of their individual customers.

The MDX Hub is a persistent database that builds and maintains links to current customers as their attributes change and incorporates new customers as they are introduced to the company. The MDX implementation required no changes to existing legacy systems and was quickly rolled out across multiple lines of business with minimal impact on other enterprise projects.


The MDX Hub resolves the different ways a customer’s attributes may be represented across different products lines and across time. This ongoing resolution allows the company to maximize the value in their legacy databases—greatly enhancing their understanding of the customer. This enterprise-wide single view of the customer provides the company with significant operational and analytical benefits that were previously unavailable.


Multi-National Insurance Group

SAP Integration of Vendor and Business Partner Data


A US carrier with national coverage and multiple product lines was acquired by a top-tier global insurance group with more than 30,000 employees in 39 countries.


The US Company was required to consolidate its supplier information into the group-wide SAP implementation. Prior to loading vendor records into SAP, the company had to ensure that these records did not already exist in the SAP application.

The company’s vendor information had to comply with the best practices established by the parent company. The data quality uplift required was going to require either a significant amount of time from business users or an automated solution.

The company leveraged the MDX Data Migration Software as a Service to accelerate the preparation of vendor information for SAP and to reduce the amount of time required from the business to establish the required level of data quality.

In addition to cleansing the vendor data, MDX enhanced the quality of the agent/producer, claimant, and claim payee information.


The company achieved the required level of data quality for SAP without a significant time commitment from business users or data stewards.

The company has realized reductions in stop payment charges for incorrect payment address information.

Analysis of duplicate records and address data enhanced the escheatment process.

Creating a common view of business partners and linking related parties provided increased data quality that has enhanced the fraud detection process.


“Gaine has helped us uncover hidden data relationships across our many disparate application systems. Their deep expertise and flexible engagement model have made them a valuable business partner.”
- Britta Schatz, CIO, Penn National Insurance