Leading Healthcare Vendor

MDX Supports Major Healthcare Vendor’s Customer 360


A leading manufacturer of healthcare devices sought to create a true Customer 360 experience for their customers. Serving more than 1,500 clients in the US and internationally, the company provides medical equipment maintenance and delivers impartial analyses and recommendations for capital equipment purchases and healthcare technology service solutions. For decades, the company has dominated the market for medical diagnostic devices and patient monitoring systems.


To help them achieve Customer 360, the company decided to implement Salesforce. Salesforce provides a number of features that are critical to implementing any Customer 360 experience, including:
• Ease of use, maintenance, and adaptability;
• Personalized customer experience;
• Real time, contextual customer information across the enterprise;
• Improved commercial productivity; and
• Global scalability.

To support their instance of Salesforce, the company needed to consolidate a diverse set of systems all carrying different kinds of customer data. They chose Gaine’s MDX platform as their MDM solution. MDX takes in data from each of their source systems and provides Salesforce with a set of reliable, de-duplicated master data which is kept consistent with all other company data.

Now that the company has their Customer 360 solution in place, they have a trusted single view of their customers. Their reporting on accounts, leads, and contacts is more efficient than before, enabling their team to provide their customers personalized, timely, complete experiences across all touch points. Their marketing power is enhanced by their newfound understanding of existing data, which reveals opportunities to increase renewals and upsells.

Benefits As data management technology rapidly evolves in the healthcare industry, customer expectations are keeping pace. Customers have seen the enormous benefits of data management in other industries and hope to reap those benefits themselves. It is no longer sufficient for industry leaders to offer excellent products; they must also offer excellent buying experiences. This is the “big picture” of Customer 360: to offer the customer exactly the products they want exactly when they need them. By combining the always-on, multichannel customer service of Salesforce with the reliable, enterprise-ready master data of MDX, the company has built a powerful Customer 360 solution that will allow them to fulfill that “big picture.” 


Medical Device Manufacturer

MDX Customer Hub Reduces Operational Costs by Millions Each Year


A leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices with manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities located in 26 different countries.


The company receives more than 250,000 sales trace records from its distributors each month. The sales trace records are used to calculate GPO rebates and sales commissions and form the basis of all sales and marketing analytics. In order to process these sales trace records the company has to link customer information in the distributor records to the company's operational systems for billing, GPO rebates, CRM, BI, and sales compensation. 

To add to the complexity, each business process has its own unique set of requirements for integrating the trace information and classifying the customer demographics for key attributes such as class of trade.

MDX integrates sales trace records with external reference databases to create a complete view of the sales activity at a ship-to, bill-to, and customer level. MDX then provides bi-directional interfaces to various operational applications including rebate processing, sales compensation, ERP billing and shipping, customer service, and business intelligence.

MDX also provides data governance workflows to resolve a variety of data problems such as incorrect class of trade designation, missing demographic information, or potential duplicate records.

Benefits The MDX Hub is a central element of a sales trace re-engineering project that has reduced operational costs by several million dollars each year.


High Tech Global Manufacturer

Vendor Master Consolidation and Legal Entity Grouping


A global manufacturer with global supply chain vendors spanning more than 90 countries. The company has a long history of significant company acquisitions and has established a priority of integrating all of its global business operations and systems.


The company wanted to gain a more accurate view of consolidated vendor spend across its global operations and enable more efficient migration of vendors from multiple legacy systems into a central ERP platform. Poor integration across vendor systems was creating significant manual effort to research and update vendor spend analyses. Reliance on manual vendor analysis techniques also significantly increased the effort and timelines required to deliver their ERP consolidation roadmap.

The company selected the MDX Master Data Hub as a faster and more flexible alternative to the master data management and data governance solutions offered by their core ERP vendor. Through previous engagements, the customer also valued the broad experience and perspective offered by the Gaine team.

The MDX Hub de-duplicated vendors across multiple operational systems, establishing a global vendor master and cross-reference. This vendor master was then used to perform legal entity grouping based on both internal and external data reference sources. The MDX implementation required no changes to existing legacy systems and provided a very efficient approach for engaging business subject matter experts to extract and encode key business rules into a repeatable data governance model.


The Hub established a trusted source of integrated vendor master data. This data immediately became a valuable reference resource for two high visibility initiatives that were dependent on access to high quality vendor data. The project also yielded a 50% increase in the number of vendors whom could be automatically mapped into the global vendor expense hierarchy.

Creating a high quality source of globally integrated vendor data has increased the value of predictive supply chain analytics.


“Gaine Solutions is helping Applied Materials harmonize vendor master data across our global supplier systems as well as providing valuable subject matter expertise to support our enterprise SAP migration efforts. They continue to be a valuable and trusted enterprise business data management partner.”
- World Wide Operations, Applied Materials

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