Make Customer Data Your
Competitive Advantage

Creating a single view of customer information over time and across multiple lines of business is a common goal for many insurance carriers. A more sophisticated view of customer information extends beyond demographic information to include relationships between individuals, businesses, households and agents as well as social media identities.

Gaine makes it possible for insurers to achieve this level of sophistication without the associated high costs and implementation risks associated with MDM solutions from the “billion dollar club” of software companies.

Learn how to manage your customers effectively and affordably.


Benefits to Property and Casualty Insurers

Improved Data Quality

Improvements in data quality lead to greater automation, reduced support costs, better risk assessment and more accurate analytics.

More Complete Customer Data

Reduce the need to manually capture information time and time again. Improve customer segmentation and risk assessment through improved visibility to customer data.

Newly Discovered Relationships

Enhance your understanding of the customer through relationships that can be derived from policy, claims and billing information.

Gaine has helped us uncover hidden data relationships across our many disparate application systems. Their deep expertise and flexible engagement model have made them a valuable business partner.
– Britta Schatz, CIO, Penn National Insurance


Improved Underwriting

Underwriters can access a broader view of the customer when assessing their suitability for a new product.

Better Risk Assessments

Actuaries have a more complete base of customer data with which to segment risk in any area of the business.

New Selling Opportunities

Newly identified relationships between individuals, businesses and households yield new, qualified sales opportunities.

Improved Customer Experience

Avoid recapturing customer data, reduce the time taken to identify a client in the call center, avoid frustrating customers by asking them to identify themselves via multiple policy numbers.

How It Works

Smoothing the Ride to New Technology

Creating a Single View of Customers

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