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The high costs and lengthy implementation times associated with MDM software to support Master Data Governance programs or Enterprise Integration initiatives are prohibitive for many organizations. Master Data eXchange (MDX) from Gaine Solutions addresses these concerns by delivering the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise MDM platform. MDX is a multi-domain, persistent Master Data Hub that leverages a Microsoft technology stack, introduces significant advances in data governance and support the most complex models in use today.

Data Migration Software as a Service

The Gaine MDX Data Migration platform will reduce the risk of ERP data migration failure, improve data quality and reduce the costs associated with preparing data for new ERP applications. Data migration is often under-estimated in the planning stages of ERP. By the time the complexities of transforming legacy data for the new ERP application start to impact the project, it is often too late to make the necessary adjustments to the data migration approach. MDX Data Migration SaaS can be deployed in-the-cloud or on premises to provide everything required for ERP data migration without the upfront investment in time, money and expertise required to design and build a migration capability. In many ways, the purpose-built MDX platform drives best practices in data migration from capturing and managing the specification to post go-live audit reports.

data governance hub

Data Governance Hub

The detrimental impact of poor quality data on critical business processes and increasingly stringent regulatory reporting requirements, have combined to encourage companies to invest in data governance programs - many for the first time. The MDX Data Governance Hub drives best-practices in enterprise data management through a library of pre-configured governance workflows. The structure of any data governance organization can be modeled within MDX and linked to the role-based workflows through Microsoft Active Directory.

data quality assessment solution

Data Quality Assessment

Gaine offers a 6-week program to uncover your most pressing data quality challenges. Unlike generic research, our approach gets to the heart of the unique challenges impacting your core systems. This program provides the qualitative and quantitative material to launch a data governance program that will deliver measurable business value.