master data management

MDX Provides the Lowest TCO of any Enterprise-Class MDM Solution
“Everything that IBM could offer us
  but at a fraction of the cost”

  -CIO, National Insurance Carrier



MDX Overview

  • Persistent, multi-domain MDM Hub
  • Manage multiple source systems and tens of millions of records
  • Pre-defined workflows for more than 30 data governance scenarios
  • Accelerate delivery with access to a library of proven MDM business rules.
  • Integration with Active Directory for role based data governance
  • Unique Intelli-Steward tm extends corporate data with web search technology

Key Features

Flexible MDM model

  • The MDX master data model can be based on your own custom data model, an industry data model, or one of several MDX data model templates.
  • MDX maintains all relevant master data lineage, history and version control for audit and compliance purposes.

Pre-defined library of sophisticated MDM matching rules

  • Identifies duplicate master data irrespective of format or data source.
  • Unique Intelli-Steward TM technology extends matching confidence and eliminates manual data stewarding through Big Data searches on the web.

Complex survivorship engine automates the creation of a "Golden Record"

  • Uses business rules at the cell level to evaluate available data from multiple systems to select the most trusted business data for the "Golden Record."
  • Maintains an audit trail of each survivorship decision whether generated by the system or applied by a data steward through a data governance workflow.

Coarse-grain web services simplify application integration

  • MDX provides a  library of coarse-grain web services that provide complex, multi-step MDM processes in a single web call.
  • Complex operations such as merging records between systems or finding a parent for an orphan record are accomplished in a single service call.

Choice of cleansing tools

  • We provide our own cleansing engine that is tightly integrated with our data profiling tools and data discovery process.
  • Allows the integration of any third party cleansing products into the MDM flow while maintaining the integrity or the master data lineage and audit trail.

Rules driven creation of hierarchies and relationships

  • Enables the creation of relationships between master data records based on business rules. Can use either master data or transactional information to determine a master data relationship.
  • Build artificial nodes based on business rules to fill holes in your current business data.

Comprehensive data governance workflows

  • Provides a library of pre-defined data governance workflows that cover all aspects of managing the lifecycle of master data.
  • Rules determine how data governance workflows are allocated to roles.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory simplifies the management of data governance roles.

Extend business data with Big Data and web searches

  • Reconciles a customer’s identity through social media and other trusted web sources with the data in your business systems.
  • Enriches customer, product and supplier data through Big Data searches on the web.


“The results were remarkable. Within weeks of the project starting we were able to correctly identify millions of dollars of revenue that was attributable to our leading trading partners.”
- Project Sponsor, Global Manufacturer

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